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 MIYAVI‬ New Album:
 「F i r e  B i r d」 31.08.16


01. Another World
02. Fire Bird
03. Dim It
04. Raise Me Up
05. You Know It's Love
06. Afraid To Be Cool
07. She Don't Know How To Dance
08. Steal The Sun
09. Long Nights
10. Hallelujah 


01. Another World
02. Fire Bird
03. Dim It
04. Raise Me Up
05. You Know It's Love
06. Afraid To Be Cool
07. She Don't Know How To Dance
08. Steal Th e Sun
09. Long Nights
10. Hallelujah
+  * bonus track "Cocoon"

DVD includes:
- RAISE ME UP (teaser video)
- AFRAID TO BE COOL ( short vr)
- Introduction to "NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE"
with  STUDIO LIVE of :
Another World
Raise Me Up
Fire Bird
Steal The Sun 

Booklet with 20pgs

Source @natalie_mu 
Photos by @monikabielskyte 

PRE-ORDER of the New Album is available  from JAPAN by
and more sites.

There are no news yet about "Fire Bird"  INTERNATIONAL RELEASE but it is possible the digital release of "FIRE BIRD" on Itunes and Google Play . 

" Fire Bird" will be released also in VINYL VERSION - First MIYAVI album to have this edition!
You can order it from JAPAN on HMV1 or HMV2  
* You need to have a Japanese account to order from HMV site

MIYAVI’s message on releasing Fire Bird:
As long as you don’t lose heart, you can keep flying.
As a guitarist and as an artist, I’m constantly running into obstacles.
But through this album I’ve had another chance to encounter new possibilities.
I want the listeners to charge boldly into a new world with me.
I’m really looking forward to just seeing you all when we go on tour!


Saturday, 21 May 2016

MIYAVI - [NEW ALBUM] OUT ON 31/08/2016

MIYAVI announced together with the release of the new MV for "AFRAID TO BE COOL" (short ver.) the date for the NEW ALBUM debut: 31.08.2016 few weeks before the Japanese tour "NEW BEAT NEW FUTURE" that hopefully will be followed with new WORLD TOUR ! ! !

Title of the Album is still unknown but here some details about it:


◘ CD contains 10 songs + 1 bonus track

◘ DVD contains (15 to 20 min)* :
- "Raise me up" teaser video
- "Afraid to be cool" short version
- New MV

◘ Booklet : more info TBA
TYCT-69105  - 5.378¥


 CD contains 10 songs
TYCT-60089 - 3240¥

* MV's seems to be SHORT VR only, directed by the Japanese creator Fantasista Utamaru
* New artistic photos of MIYAVI are taken by Sukita Masayoshi

(F.Utamaru, MIYAVI, S.Masayoshi)

Stay tuned for more info and also for the Album's international and digital release details !

Latest MIYAVI EP "AFRAID TO BE COOL / RAISE ME UP " is available worldwide on Itunes and Google Play



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[FAN-ARTS] Join the Special Gallery with on-going collection of CoMyvz fanarts !

Fan-art by @meguzm

We are very happy to start an on-going fan project we had in mind for long time!
This time our fan-project is about FAN-ARTS !
We know that there are many talented artist in MIYAVI's fandom (comiyavi world wide family)  and we want to share your work with more people and of course with other MIYAVI fans!

Participate by sending your drawing to our  email @

- Email subject: " fanarts" 
- Nickname/Name and Country
- Link of your site with other works or your personal profile ( If you want )
- Title or other info about your drawing ( If you want)

Rules to participate:
- The fan-art must be done by who sends the email, DO NOT  steal other people works
- You can send us more than 1 drawing (maximum 4 drawings)
- The fan-art must be about MIYAVI or/ and something related to him
- We accept any type of drawing but DO NOT send photo edits

- Every 26th of the month the Gallery will be updated 

- Fan-arts with related information about the comyv artists are up on our  SPECIAL GALLERY ON FACEBOOK  Be Sure to check them out and JOIN #it

So, are you a comyv artist, which express love and respect to MIYAVI through your art?
Join our Gallery collection and let's create a digital and fan-made museum !

We will look forward receiving your fanarts ! ! ! !

Saturday, 30 April 2016


All rev'd up when the beat done drop
When it drop gon' raise me up
You know we're cutting the brakes
You know we're coming your way
You know today is the day
Cut the breaks
We'll never stop

Download the brand new EP 『AFRAID TO BE COOL / RAISE ME UP』in  digital version available world wide

Friday, 29 April 2016


Banging down on my door
Can't get out the side door
What you gonna fight for?
I can bring your beast back
Break that cage and free that
I know you want to be that
Don't even try to say no
cause you're coming with me yeah
Why baby why you so afraid to be cool
Why baby why when you got nothing to lose

It's not too late to bite it
Finding what's inside it
You don't have to hide it
Go and let that beast out
Break that cage and scream out
I know you feeling free now

Don't even try to say no cause you're coming with me yeah
Why baby why you so afraid to be cool
Why baby why when you got nothing to lose

This is your one stop shop where you come and get free man
Don't even try to say no cause you're coming with me yeah
Why baby why you so afraid to be cool
Why baby why when you got nothing to lose

I feel so good on you
I like the way you move
Show me what you came to do
Swing in that little dress
Go on then make a mess
Why you so afraid to be cool

Download the brand new EP 『AFRAID TO BE COOL / RAISE ME UP』in  digital version available world wide

Tuesday, 12 April 2016



New Single   "AFRAID TO BE COOL / RAISE ME UP" worldwide release has been just confirmed for 29 April 2016.

DIGITAL PRE-ORDER of the New Single and Download for the track 02.  "RAISE ME UP" will be available on national  iTunes Stores from 13 April 2016 

Download the brand new EP 『AFRAID TO BE COOL / RAISE ME UP』in  digital version available world wide



01. Afraid To Be Cool
02. Raise Me Up
03. Afraid To Be Cool(Seiho Remix)
04. Raise Me Up(Jonny Dope Remix)

* The song "Afraid to be Cool" has been used as BGM for  MIYAVI X ASAHI BEER  TV CM
 * Remixes are done  by the up-and-coming artist Jonny Dope from L.A and renowned Japanese artist “Seiho”

Teaser Video:
Promo for the song " RISE ME UP"; the video is in collaboration with the genius creator “Fantasista Utamaro”, who’s widely known for his creations in the fashion, illustration and design world. The finished work tells the story of MIYAVI who has entered into a brand new era.


2016年9月19日(月・祝)北海道 札幌PENNY LANE24
2016年9月21日(水)宮城県 Rensa
2016年9月22日(木・祝)石川県 金沢EIGHT HALL
2016年9月24日(土)愛媛県 WStudioRED
2016年9月25日(日)広島県 広島CLUB QUATTRO
2016年9月27日(火)熊本県 熊本B.9 V1
2016年9月29日(木)福岡県 DRUM LOGOS
2016年10月1日(土)大阪府 なんばHatch
2016年10月2日(日)愛知県 DIAMOND HALL
2016年10月10日(月・祝)千葉県 幕張メッセイベントホール

INFO from

Thursday, 25 February 2016

MIYAVI x VYPER Japanese Music Mag. [ FULL INTERVIEW] oct2015

Interview from vyper-jmusic VOL.007
Photos from

T h e O t h er s , Y o u,  U s & H i m
 M I Y A V I
One Year after surprising and delighting his fans by making his Hollywood debut acting in “Unbroken”, the movie directed by Angelina Jolie, the Samurai Guitarist is back, closer than ever to his fans. In the middle of the promotion of his new album” THE OTHERS”, the musician agreed to confide in us during a confidence interview a few days prior to his new European tour. Taking a global view on his career, MIYAVI opened up to us and talked both about himself and the others...

V – One year and half after your fourth world tour, you're coming back in Europe. How did you prepare yourself for this new tour?
M- I don't know! To be honest, I don't know yet when I'll be able to come back. I didn't plan to be back so fast because, even now I'm thinking and focusing on the creation and composition of new things. I believe that this European Tour will be the last one for a moment. But I'll be back...
Each night, each live is precious to me. I'd like to do all the I can to feel like “one” and that's why I want to play the songs of “THE OTHERS”. It's something that's hard to imagine, being united with people from other places. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. Disregarding language, culture, race..It's the goal of an artist and the meaning of music. But I'm really happy to be back! Because each time I'm in France and Europe, it feels like I'm coming back home.
It's like the relationship a customer could have with a restaurant. If you don't go there often, you don't know the menu, but if you regularly go the the restaurant, you create a link with the chef and the restaurant, and you won’t need to know the menu. It's this kind of relationship I have with my fans because I'm always creating and experimenting new things. I represent my fans and especially people without strong bonds. Some people can have a hard time bonding with people, finding their own self or finding their dreams.I represent them! I want to be the kind of artist who is proud of his fans. I want my fans to be able to feel proud of being MIYAVI's fans. And if what I create can touch more people, then I've reached my goal. That's why I'm always creating new things. It's hard to understand but it's my responsibility and that's why I'll keep on coming back!

V- This new European Tour takes place a few months after the release of your latest album “ THE OTHERS”, released in April, almost two years after the album “MIYAVI”. With a busy schedule like yours, how did you find time to compose the new opus?
M- To be honest, it was totally crazy! After my fourth world tour in 2014, I moved to Los Angeles with my family. One can visit any country, but to live in it is totally different! Between the culture, language... the situation became chaotic. At the same time, I had to work on the schedule of “THE OTHERS!” production with American producers such as Drew Ramsey or Shannon Sanders, but I also had to take care of my own promotion. I was constantly traveling between Tokyo and Los Angeles, and even Europe. There was a moment when I felt the need to put some distance between me and music, to step back. And I found a way to do that in Nashville. The first time I went there and found myself in a bar, with my beer while listening to country music, I felt like an alien, a stranger. I've been in the music industry for a long time, I know how it works, I know we're always busy...But we shouldn’t forget that music is something to be shared. All the things I've created, I want to share them with people. My passion was born from this desire! In Nashville, a city of music, I was able to feel the passion of all the musicians from past generations. I've learned a lot there and this allowed me to move forward. Now, Nashville is one of my favorite places.

V- Before talking about this new album in details, we saw that you've changed your guitar! Was this change necessary for your musical evolution and the way you compose?
M- Like I said, I care about creating new things and sharing the excitement with my audience. I don't want to stop, I want to be someone who is unpredictable, who is always able to amaze and surprise people. When I was in Nashville, Rob Harvey and I did jam-sessions. He is a great guitarist and his playing is really intense. Throughout my career, I've always wanted to create my own sound, my own style. But that moment, I felt the need to put “less of me” in my work. It was really strange! It's not something natural for me, it's the opposite of all I've did throughout my career. I don't deny my own self. I've learned to accept myself, accept to change and to evolve. That's how we move forward, and I owe it to my fans. And it may not be perfect, everybody who's been following me for a long time know me and they know I'll keep on moving forward.

V- Among the eleven tracks of “THE OTHERS” , five songs particularly caught our attention. First, the eponymous song in which you say “ the others” are “Dreamers & Lovers”. Are you a dreamer and lover of life?
M- Often, people happen to find their lives are a bit boring and tedious because they protect it too much. Of course we have to protect our life. But we all can change and evolve. All these negative aspects, these rules that we've created ourselves, we can override them. It's risky , of course! But we owe it to our lives. And if we are aware of that, we can do anything. That's what I wanted to convey through “THE OTHERS”. When I moved to L.A, I felt like a stranger. But it's natural, this is how we are. We have to accept our diversity and live fully with it. Not doing it is the main cause of our current problems. We need to take a step back and teach to new generations to live with this diversity and not to get stuck into a boring life.

V- In “CALLING” , you said “ The life I left was sweet but I'm where I wanna be”. With a career such as yours, do you thing that you've reached your goal in the music universe?
M- Nothing is over yet because I'll never be fully satisfied. I want to continue to prove what I can do through my art, my creations until the day I die. And to succeed , I have to take risks, It may be scary but I hope to be able to continue step by step. I believe in the future. We have to believe in ourselves to have the future we want. And, fortunately for me, I have my fans who believe in me and make me more responsible. It's for them that I continue. I'm not alone, my fans are like my family and I always have to look forward to allow them to move along with me.

V- Let's take a look at “ALIEN GIRL” now. Despite some lyrics like “I still want her”, this song doesn't seem like a love/sexual song, but it seems more like a song with an admiring point of view and one can suppose that you're talking about Angelina Jolie. This meeting, between you and her, has changed so many things for you, right?
M- Of course! It's thanks to her that I feel responsible. This song isn't sexual, of course. I just want to support Angelina Jolie in all that she does every day. I think she has a mission and she is determined to achieve it. I see her like an alien coming here to save our world. It's why I decided to join her, to follow her in her project and to support her. She is someone I respect immensely, as artist but also as a human being.

V- This new album ends with “SHANGRI-LA”, which is a cover of Denki Groove's song released in 1997. Why did your choose this song in particular?
M- This choice is not so much about the song as it's about the artist. Denki Groove is an artist from Tokyo and of whom I've always loved the attitude, the universe and the creations. I found some similarities between both our universes, and it's why I wanted to arrange this song with my guitar.

V- “UNITE” was the occasion to make a new collaboration featuring Robert Harvey. Why did your choose to work with him?
M- Robert is also a musician and a good friend of mine. We met in Japan and we've always wanted to do something one day, a collaboration together. I think his voice matches the song quite well. And I think a song has to deliver a message, and this is what we did there.

V- Can we expect new collaborations in the future? And who would you like to work with?
M- Maybe I'll do some more... A few days ago ( i.e. mid-September) I was in London for the Versus Versace show where I had the pleasure to meet the singer FKA twigs. She really has a fantastic voice, a great style and has something special. She is exactly the kind of artist I'd like to work with.

V- Speaking of your relationship with other artists, SMAP have released their new single for which your composed the eponymous song “ OTHERSIDE”. Do your have a different way to compose in this kind of situation?
M- When I compose for other artists, I'm not restricted to the image I've created for myself. I don't need to be “MIYAVI”. I feel more free. It's really funny to be able to create something in any style rock, jazz or pop, without thinking about my image. It's less restrictive. I think I should do it more often ! ( Laughs)

V- Your music is more and more used for promotion, for example it was used in the latest commercial of Rakuten Mobile. How does it feel to know that your compositions are used in this way?
M- Its the same thing as composing for another artist. There is less of me in this composition. That's what I felt back when I was invited to play guitar during a fashion show of one of my designer friends [MIHARA YASUHIRO]  in Paris. Usually, when I play, people are coming to see me. But during this fashion show, it was different. People weren't there for my music. I was there to support the show, to create an atmosphere, an ambiance. It's really a strange experience. You're part of a story, but it's not only about you, even if you have your share of acts to accomplish and your responsibilities. It's the same for a TV spot. Soundtracks are just there to dress to the story. It's a really funny and unrestricted experience!

V- You've also composed the original soundtrack of the Japanese version of the new MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. One year after the release of UNBROKEN how did you feel about having the chance to work on a Hollywood movie again?
M- It felt very good, of course. I've had the chance to meet people working for Paramount Pictures and they are the one who gave me the chance to make this soundtrack. A soon as I had received the proposal I started to work on it. It took sometime, it was difficult and full of responsibilities to create something for a movie famous in the whole world. It was a fantastic experience but also a challenge for me who loves to create new things...And I felt close to the main character who is someone who never gives up. Let's not give up on our dreams, let's fight for them. It's the message I try to share and the movie conveys it as well.

V- In a few days, you'll start the new tour, which will end in Seoul. How did your prepare yourself for this show, considering it's been seven years since you've last played there?
M- Has it been that long? ( Laughs) I want to be able to play in every country, every city where my fans are supporting me. I'm really happy to go back to South Korea. I don't speak Koran but they are part of me. I'm really excited yo see them again. I hadn't noticed it had been so long since my last show there, because, I always focus on the future. Sometimes, my fans may thing I forgot about them, but I don't! It's on stage that I'm able to show our bond, what we can create together.


F- Do you plan on releasing a new “SAMURAI SESSIONS”?
M- Maybe.... As I sad, I love working with other artist, making collaborations. So Yes, of course it might happen!

F- What are your best tour memories?
M- It's really difficult to choose only one memory. I always try to make each night, each show something special: today was better than yesterday, but tomorrow will be even better! Each tour is unique with a lot lot of things that weren't planned...But we have to be positive, even if it's difficult. My best memory is to be reunited with my fans, to receive their energy … Live, sex, concert... We are all connected, we can't do anything alone! Anyway, if I have to choose one of my favorite places to perform, it's Paris of course ! I love its architecture, its atmosphere, its history...

F- Do your have another movie project?
M- Not at the moment. I'm not a professional actor. I would love to act again, but it will depend on the role.

V- To finish, Do your have a message for your European Fans?
M- It's difficult to say it with words, I can only explain it with my music. I can't just say “Thank you” or “ I love you” to my fans, it's not enough. I just have to keep on creating new things and always do my best during lives. Anyway, I was really excited to be able to see my European fans again !
** Thank You a lot for this great interview to VYPER JMUSIC MAG -